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    Understanding Why First and Business Class Airfare Prices Fluctuate

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you travel frequently, then you know how frustrating it can be to find a great price on a flight only to discover that it’s no longer available just a few days later. With the right luck and some assistance from the travel experts here at CheckAirFare, you can say goodbye to the days of overpaying. Here is a closer look at why airfare prices fluctuate:

    Greater Demand for a Given Destination You are more likely to see a spike in prices if an airline starts to recognize a higher demand for travel to and from a destination. Since popular international and domestic routes have the potential to be a major moneymaker for an airline, they are more prone to price fluctuation. If an airline recognizes a destination lagging in popularity, they may lower the price of flights to attract travelers.

    The Airline’s Ability to Fill a Flight Another factor influencing the price fluctuation of airfare is the capacity for an airline to fill their flights. If an airline starts to see a decline in sales for an upcoming flight, then they may try to entice buyers with great business class deals or lower all-around prices. However, if the airline is not having a problem filling a flight, then you can expect to see higher prices on remaining seats.

    Capacity to Make Money in the Days Before a Flight The time period when you are most likely to see a rapid increase in prices is in the days right before a flight. Most airlines recognize that as you try to grab a last minute first class ticket, you may not have any other option than to pay the high prices that they’re demanding.

    When you work with CheckAirFare, you’re guaranteed to get the lowest prices on first class flights, no matter how last minute. We have over 20 years of service helping travelers get to their destination without overpaying. Call us at (888) 720-1343 to learn more about the benefits of booking with us.

    Find More Useful Business Travel Tips And Information When You Visit These Sites

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When you have to travel for business, especially on a regular basis, you learn tricks to make your travel as smooth as possible. Use these travel resources to learn new ways to make your travel even easier.

    • Learn more about the history of flying first class with this informative article.
    • What can you expect from first class flying? Find out by reading this piece from
    • These insider tips about finding inexpensive airfare can help you get to your destination easily, even at the last minute.
    • Worried about last minute airfare exhausting your budget? Use these tips From to find affordable airfare on short notice.

    Next time you need to travel for business or are seeking a luxury air experience, use CheckAirFare to help get the best first class deals. We specialize in finding discount business class and first class rates for all major airlines, even at the last minute. Call us today at (888) 720-1343 to speak with a live travel agent. 

    A Business Traveler's Guide to Maintaining Professionalism in the Air

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Although air travel is one of the most convenient methods of getting from one place to another, even the most experienced travelers would agree that it can be exhausting at times. If you’ve recently scored a great business class deal on a flight, there are a few basic steps you can take to make the upcoming flight more enjoyable for yourself as well as those around you. Here is a business traveler’s guide to maintaining professionalism in the air:

    Don’t Be Greedy with the Arm Rest Even though your business class deal guarantees you a spacious seat, you may still find yourself bumping elbows with the person next to you at some point or another during the flight. Out of courtesy, take just one arm rest and allow the person sitting next to you to use his or hers in order to avoid any awkwardness or conflict.

    Assist Others with Heavy Luggage If you see a fellow passenger struggling to get his or her large bag into the overhead bin, offer a helping hand. If the passenger insists that he or she can handle it without any help, keep an eye on those seated around the overhead bin to make sure that the bag won’t fall down on their heads as it’s being lifted.

    Wait Until Food or Beverage Service Is Over to Use the Restroom There are few things more difficult for flight attendants than trying to navigate the aisles while passengers are walking around. Be patient as they pass by you with their carts or plan to use the restroom before the in-flight food or beverage services begin. This will allow them to better serve you and your fellow business class passengers.

    For the best deals on last minute business or first class tickets, contact CheckAirFare. We make it our mission to provide you with the lowest prices on the best first class and business seats, guaranteed. Call us at (888) 720-1343 to begin looking for airfare for your upcoming travels.

    Three Steps to Finding a Good Last Minute Deal on Business Airfare

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you travel regularly for business, you know that traveling is always an adventure, from navigating airport parking to making it through security. Flying on short notice can present additional complications, with overpriced tickets, crowded flights, and limited seating availability. With the right strategies, you can take some of the hassle out of flying by finding affordable business airfare, even on short notice.

    Be Flexible with Days and Times You may have to travel on a specific day to make it in time for the big meeting, but if you have some flexibility in your schedule, it could result in savings. Most airlines will let you search with flexible dates. You can generally find good deals by flying midweek, but insiders also recommend looking for great fares on Saturday mornings. You should also consider the duration of your stay. If you can extend your stay to a few days rather than just one night, you may get better flight and hotel prices.

    Check Multiple Airports Most large cities have several airports that service the area. While it may be quickest to find flights in and out of the largest airport, compare those rates with peripheral airports to make sure you are getting the best deal. Be sure to accommodate for the fact that you may need to take a longer taxi ride to get to and from a smaller airport. 

    Use a Travel Service Rather than trying to sort out good business airfare on your own, why not use a service that will do the work for you? These industry insiders know all the tricks for finding the best first class airfare rates, and can do so quickly and efficiently. If you are already dealing with the stress of packing and preparing for last-minute travel, you’ll be grateful for the time you save by having an expert take care of the flight details.

    When you need a hand finding excellent business and first class airfare deals, let the professionals at CheckAirFare help. We work with all major airlines. A live agent is happy to help you, even at the last minute, when you call (888) 720-1343.

    Business Class Travel Tips for Women: Packing Strategies

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Packing for a business trip can be tough, especially when your boss sends you out on short notice. Not only do you need to get a professional wardrobe to your destination looking fresh, but you often want to do so in a carry-on suitcase to minimize travel hassles.

    Whether you pack days in advance with a list or fill your suitcase the morning of travel, keeping a few standby items, like travel toiletries and gym clothes, stored in your suitcase can make packing much faster and simpler. For more packing tips, watch this short video clip.

    Don’t let struggling to find airfare take away from your other necessary trip preparations. CheckAirFare can help you find the best deals for business and first class travel, whether months in advance or last minute. A live agent will be happy to speak with you at (888) 720-1343.

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