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    A Look Back at the History of First-Class Air Travel and How to Get The Best First Class Deals

    Last updated 5 years ago

    How will you be taking your next flight? Traveling first class may be the best way to reach your destination, especially if your flight is long or through the night. Flying first class has been a travel option since technology took to the skies. Keep reading to learn more about how first class flying developed through the years.

    Historical First Class Travel In early, slow-moving flying vehicles, first class passengers were able to stroll around the aircraft. A smoking lounge, a promenade deck, and a games area were just a few of the locations first class passengers could enjoy during their flight. Faster air travel required a more seated environment, but mid-century first class passengers still enjoyed amenities like a standing bar and lounges. First class seating and surroundings were crafted of fine, ornate materials. Toward the late twentieth century, restrictions on moving about the aircraft limited first class to large, semi-reclining seats and frequent attention from flight attendants.

    First Class Now and Tomorrow In recent years, many airlines have worked to upgrade the first class flight experience. Several first class airlines offer individual suites with doors where passengers can enjoy sleeping uninterrupted on fully reclining seats in provided sleep suits, or watching a wide variety of programs on large personal screens. First class flyers are also pampered at the airport. Some airlines are building special first class terminals, complete with extra services to help streamline baggage checks and security as well as fine dining and entertainment options in the gate area. The airline industry seems to be steadily upgrading the first class experience to make sure that it really does stand out from standard travel options.

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    Discover More Business and First-Class Flight Deal Tips By Traveling To These Great Websites

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Finding great flight prices can be a confusing and frustrating experience. These articles highlight some helpful tips to use when trying to find business and first class deals, as well as the advantages that flying business class or first class can offer.

    Can’t find the business class deal you want? Wish you could get a better price on that last minute first class ticket? CheckAirFare can see to it that you get the best business class and first class deal every time you fly. Call us today at (888) 720-1343 to speak with a CheckAirFare representative from our Brooklyn base.

    A Look at the World's Best First Class Airline Seats

    Last updated 5 years ago

    There’s a reason that so many people choose first class when they book their flights. For some people, air travel can be an exhausting and frustrating experience. To make the journey as comfortable as possible, many international fliers book first class for its numerous amenities and luxurious features. As a result, travelers exit the plane feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle the rest of their day. The following is just a sampling of some airlines that provide the very best in first class travel.

    British Airways Are you looking for privacy during your first class trip? If so, British Airways is the right airline for you. This airline has long been a favorite of those traveling across the Atlantic, and first class passengers in particular receive the royal treatment when flying with British Airways. Fliers get to have their own wardrobe for the duration of the flight should they want to change en route. The also can enjoy electronic blinds that will prevent uncomfortable sun glare from disrupting their slumber.

    Cathay Pacific Airways Air travelers often commiserate about the awful food service that frequently accompanies their flights. Cathay Pacific Airways aims to change that perception with their gourmet selection of meals that showcase the best in international cuisine. Though passengers may choose from a wide variety of dishes, Cathay Pacific is known for their delicious Asian meal selections. First class passengers can also enjoy more than 100 different movies and 500 television shows while in flight.

    American Airlines Who said that domestic airlines can’t provide the same superior first class service as their international peers? American Airlines in particular offers a variety of amenities to make your flight as relaxing as possible. All first class seats can make 360-degree turns to help facilitate conversation among passengers. The seats also provide extremely comfortable armrest and reclining features that make long flights more endurable. When it comes to first class, American Airlines doesn’t disappoint.

    Are you trying to find a last minute first class ticket out of town? Then call CheckAirFare at (888) 720-1343 to speak with an associate at our Brooklyn center about your travel options. We offer the most competitive business class and first class deals available.

    Stay On Top of Flight Itineraries and Navigate Airports Like a Pro with this Popular Flight Tracking App for Your iPhone

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you’re constantly on the go, you need an application that can help you navigate every airport with ease. The FlightView Free application by FlightView Inc. can provide you with up-to-the-minute flight information when there’s no time for delays.

    The FlightView Free app is an all-inclusive guide to everything you need to know about your departure airport and arrival destination. You can track delays and cancellations with a touch of your fingertip, as well as monitor weather conditions that may lead to unexpected flight changes. The FlightView Free app even gives current information on departure gate and baggage claim numbers. With FlightView Free, never again will you be stranded on the ground when you should be relaxing high above the clouds.

    CheckAirFare offers the most comprehensive online system for finding the best business class deals and first class deals you want. Call our Brooklyn base today at (888) 720-1343 for more information.

    How to Find the Best Deals on First Class and Business Class Airfare

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Finding the best business class deals and first class deals can become an arduous task if you’re not familiar with how airlines determine their prices each week. To ensure that you’re getting the most economical rate on your airfare, consider the following price-finding tips.

    Most airlines follow a weekly routine in setting their prices. It commences each Monday night, when some of the airlines begin the cost adjustment process and cut prices on particular routes. Those reduced prices are then posted the following morning, which prompts their competitors to lower their rates as well. That’s why many air travel experts recommend that prospective buyers wait until Tuesday afternoon to look for the best business class and first class deals.

    No matter how good of a deal you think you have, it never hurts to double-check before you hit the purchase button. Utilize CheckAirFare’s Free FareCheckup to determine if you are getting the best price on your business class or first class trip. CheckAirFare can undercut most quoted prices to give customers a truly worthwhile airline price.

    Frequent travelers may need to book a last-minute first class ticket from time to time. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, however, never book your ticket on the weekend, as that’s when prices are typically at their highest. If you absolutely cannot wait to purchase your business class or first class ticket, contact CheckAirFare. We specialize in finding the best rates for those needing to travel for last-minute plans and can help you find the right price no matter how quickly you are leaving town.

    Would you like to learn more about CheckAirFare’s Free FareCheckup? Then call (888) 720-1343 to speak with a CheckAirFare representative at our Brooklyn base about our great online deals and services. Check out our website for more details.

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